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About Us

Trillvision is an IOS and Android app specializing in virtual events. Curated by a community of entertainment professional and entrepreneurs, the platform provides culturally relevant content targeted to the urban contemporary market. The app launched in January of 2021 and can be downloaded at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the official website. Trillvision is compatible with all mobile devices. 

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To create a digital events space to connect people with goods and services that highlight and promote the talent, diversity and viability of creators focused on the urban contemporarily market.

App Features

Live stream events.  
24-hour radio station.
Virtual interactive cinema.
Original podcasts, films & TV shows.

Mobile games.
Digital content / products marketplace.
Community forum.


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To establish Trillvision as an entertainment industry model that values users as co-collaborators in the development of content and products that will inspire and nurture the next generation of creatives within the events space. 

Feel Free to contact us at or 424-209-7464

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 1.41.41 AM.png
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