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Basic Information

From The Quentin Finley Collection and Trillvision comes a new innovative entertainment experience, Music & Movies.  Listen to timeless tracks and watch classic and independent digital content with Q-Nice, Velo and the Cru.  Fridays at 8:08pm PST

The Experience

Music and Movies is a virtual entertainment experience inside the TRILLVISION app.  The experience consists of two parts.  Part one is called, "The Drop."  During this phase, the basic information about the upcoming live event (Special Guest, Movie Info and More ) is published in our Forum (Music and Movie Category) to initiate the discussion.  Part two is the live-stream Zoom event typically held on Friday nights.  Each live event begins with a dj set by M.C.S. Q-Nice.  After the twenty minute workout, the live Zoom event becomes an interview with the special guest (content creator) which is then followed by a discussion and analysis of various scenes from the classic movie featured in The Drop (Part One).  You may have heard the songs before or seen the movies but you have never felt the art that is produced by combing the two, with a special cru of people on a Friday night.

Submit Your digital content to be a guest on M&M.

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4712 Admiralty Way #317

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Tel: 424-209-7464

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The Music and Movies Promo 4.14.21

The Music and Movies Promo 4.14.21

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