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Greetings and welcome to the official website for The Quentin Finley Collection and Music Curating Specialist Q-Nice.



The Music Curating Specialist Q Nice is an explosive DJ who possesses the skills to impress fans and critics across the country.  Born to be famous, it's no wonder that this dynamic powerhouse calls Los Angeles California his home.  From being one of the neighborhood kids in Cleveland Ohio to being on the brink of becoming one of the hottest DJs in the country, Q-Nice has the ability to play a multitude of genres within his repertoire.  One of his true strengths is taking the music that we all love and creating a style that is all his own.  Whether it’s a smooth groove or a late night dance party, Q Nice has this rare ability to connect with every audience nationally or internationally.


Not only an actor, producer, director, workshop facilitator, TV host, award-winning national performance poet or commercial voiceover artist, Q Nice is most proud of his work as a philanthropist in schools, homeless shelters and correctional facilities.  As the creator and founder of Lyrical Rhythms open mic poetry event (in Cleveland Ohio and Los Angeles) Q Nice has always been a lover and a fan of the art of wordplay.  Just recently, he has taken his art to another level by creating The Quentin Finley Collection fashion line. As the president and CEO, Q-Nice is producing a unique style of clothing that will make its film debut in the up and coming movie, love story “Meeting Miss Lee.”  It goes without question that we look to see more exciting things coming from Mr. Q Nice.


Tel: 800-575-9298

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