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Music Video Festival


Basic Information

The Flicker Music Video Festival is a visual sonic adventure powered by TRILLVISION. Our mission is to showcase the work of various music video directors who utilize their talents to create fresh and innovative art.  Hosted by Dj Uncle P, our next virtual event will be held on Sunday, December 11, 2022.


  • All entries must be received before November 29, 2022

  • Preferably, videos should be designed for a PG-13 audience (No N-Word).

  • Directors are encouraged to submit more than one music video.

  • Music videos should not exceed a 15-minute runtime.

  • There are no submission fees and the festival is free to attend.

  • All entrants will be notified via email by December 4, 2022 on whether their video or videos have been selected into the festival.  

Submit Your Video

Thanks for submitting!

4712 Admiralty Way #317

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Tel: 424-209-7464

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The Flicker Festival 103

The Flicker Festival 103

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Rent $1.25
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